30 Years to Life

30 years ago today, I stepped inside a chapel to pray and as I sat in silence there, my truth became my solemn prayer…

“Lord I come to you on bended knee, praying that you will set him free. He’s no longer who he used to be and it’s becoming impossible to see a reality where he returns to me. If there’s no miracle in store I cried, then please no more, just let him die.”

Within an hour, God’s grace replied. My prayer was answered and he died.

And in that moment, the world changed. In, up, out, down, rearranged. Banged around, tossed about, gasping for air. Turmoil, shifting soil, life isn’t fair. Spun around, upside down, trying to get my grounding. Day in, day out, life spent rebounding.

Holding on for dear life, my days filled with strife, my faith in the One above. Not wanting it so, I had to let go of the first man that I ever loved.

That night the heavens poured, there would be no more, he was with the Lord. And as it rained the radio played, “there’s a little black spot on the sun today”.

But here’s the thing about suffering and why it’s so demanding. Once done, the battle won, lays the peace that passes all understanding.

And what I know with certainty is that his blood flows through me and all that he instilled in me, I am my father’s legacy.


I hope I do him justice.

In loving memory of my father – the greatest father a daughter could ever have hoped for.


 See you next time!    Pink Heart       OXOXOXO


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  1. 1

    Almeta Mathis said,

    Hey Des – glad you are back on line! It’s nice you still have your dad in your heart. Lots of love.


  2. 3

    Darren said,

    Hey Desiree…

    Very touching tribute…Your father was a special man. As you already know, you’re my very best friend in the world & I’m so glad that you entered my life. Take care & if you need me, you know where to find me..:-)



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