Happy You Year! Getting Back to the Present…

The end of a year and the dawn of a new year routinely MP900412054[1]allows for the opportunity to consciously reflect and take stock of our life.

Not that we couldn’t or don’t take stock at other times during the course of a year, it’s just more collectively prevalent and pervasive as one year draws to a close and a new year is ushered in. It’s a healthy sort of annual ritual that requires reflection, conscious consideration, contemplation, and an assessment of the accomplishment status of one’s dream for life. That is, of course, assuming one has a dream. Behind every ending lurks the prospect of a new beginning. Out with the old and in with the new. Welcome 2014!

So, let me ask you a question: Are you living life or is life living you? Lately, I’ve been considering that question and delineating the difference. Actually, the difference is pretty basic. You’re either actively engaged in life (living life) or you’re


routinely responding to it (life living you). Either way, you’re making choices that help create how you experience what you experience.  And so it is wise that we periodically take a moment to pause and consider what it is we want from life (or, perhaps, what it is life wants from us) as well as how well what we have been doing has been working for us. Whether or not we are actively engaged or routinely responding to life does not negate the fact that we cannot, in either case, necessarily control what happens; we can, however, consciously choose how we respond.

Ever notice that the older we get, the faster time goes by? When we are children, it feels like forever before a much anticipated day or event will arrive. We hold anticipation for the future while remaining primarily in the present. So as children, we are more inclined to be aligned with  present-time than when we are grown. We can’t wait to grow up as if we don’t believe it will ever happen and yet once we do, we can’t believe how quickly we did. The passage of time somehow accelerates with time and we begin to really recognize the impermanency of all things.

Once we’ve reached that marker on the seemingly never-ending-trek to being “all growed-up” we yearn for ways to slow it down. We become more anxious as opposed to excited about time and we can more readily get lost in time. The longer we live, the more we have to reflect upon. We can choose to feel some type of way about the past and we can expend our energy trying to hold on to it, or worse, living in it. We can fret about what’s to come recognizing that the longer we live, the less time we have and the less time we have, the faster time goes. Or so it seems. We can get caught up and carried away so much so that we make rare appearances in the present and are more apt to be found in the past regretting or in the future fretting. Meanwhile, tick-tock goes the clock!

Mind the time. There’s no time like the present and there’s no time but the present. Time is our most precious commodity and how we spend it contributes to our happiness and overall well-being. We can accept the past for what is done and recognize the future is yet to come, but if we are to be happy, we can only be happy in this moment, at this time; knowing that happiness is not only a state of mind, but a choice we actively make.

So, as the song says,” don’t worry, be happy”…or perhaps more apropos, “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”      

Best wishes for a very Happy You Year!

 See You Next Time!    Pink Heart    OXOXOXO


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