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How Heart-Healthy Cheerios Harvested Hate-Filled Hearts

They say Cheerios can help lower cholesterol and thus is considered a heart-healthy cereal. Of course, it stands to reason that overall health, lifestyle factors, and behaviors including regular exercise also play hefty roles in the bth_Family(1)health of your heart. And who doesn’t want a healthy heart? So how is it that Cheerios manages to help lower cholesterol, but recently raised the collective blood pressure of so many Americans? Because, intentionally or not, Cheerios stepped “out there” and put it in our face in a big, or shall we say, non-big-oted way. We couldn’t side-step it if we tried. It was, after all, the “elephant in the room”. What, exactly, was Cheerios thinking? Certainly they knew that a backlash was brewing, but they pressed on regardless. Perhaps they recognized the potential purchasing power of the market they reflected. And I’m fairly sure they were conscious of the practically predictable controversy that would ensue. Perhaps they didn’t care. But did they realize the ridicules reach that backlash would have and the potential repercussions and ramifications  not only for Cheerios cereal sales, but for General Mills products in general? Did they expect the intensity of the nature of the backlash that was unleashed?  Did you?

Cheerios BoxIf you’re still wondering what exactly I’m talking about and even if you’re not, check out the Cheerios commercial below. Keep in mind that this 30 second clip raised the ire of so many Americans that any shock value the commercial may have wrought, is overshadowed by the shock of the sheer number of Americans who felt compelled enough to take time out to express their dismay (putting it mildly). So many, in fact, that YouTube had to disable the comments section for the video clip due to the nature and number of hate-filled “comments” being spewed. And if you don’t believe that America has a ways to go before the issue of race rests, when tolerance and acceptance pervade, and we reach our true potential greatness, the clip below should help clarify that. And even more so, the response to the clip cannot and must not allow us to continue to pretend otherwise. Welcome to 2013 America.

But true to form, America is a nation of diversity and there are plenty of Americans who were equally dismayed (still putting it mildly) that in the year 2013, we can still be completely aghast by the backlash of the core issue. And also true to form is that when ridiculousness reaches reality, somebody’s going to run with it and/or make light of it. I love that! Those of us who get it don’t get why those who don’t get it just don’t get over it. Despite the fact that there is an ever-growing market yet truly untapped as a powerful motive, could it be that Cheerios wants their product to reflect that market as well as all of the “markets” that collectively makes Americans, America? And why not?

The complexion of America is and has been undergoing a magnificent make-over. And along the way, if we are open to it, we get to appreciate a glimpse of the “before” and “after” pictures. We may or may not like one or the other picture, but we cannot go backwards. Where there’s a market, there’s money to be made. If that market happens to reflect the current and unfolding complexion of America, kudos to the company(s) wise enough to not only realize that, but to step up awareness and the issues of acceptance and tolerance by putting themselves “out there”. In response to the Hater’s response to the Cheerios commercial, below is a parody of the commercial that nicely sets the stage for yet another fast growing American family market harboring a wealth of potential purchasing power. If you must, brace yourself. It’s just a matter of time. Cheers to Cheerios!


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